4 Myths To Consider When Trying To Land A Paving Contract In An HOA

4 Myths To Consider When Trying To Land A Paving Contract In An HOA

Homeowner associations are not just any housing society; these are luxurious environs that adhere to standards in appeal & lifestyle, which is the hallmark of their price tag. HOA’s thrive by the aesthetics, consistent property values, and security that they offer, so the so-called ‘hidden fees’ are justified, and the HOA myths are but hearsay.

If you are a paving contractor trying to boost your market share in Naples, FL but are afraid to venture into HOA territory because of some preconceived notions, then it’s time to do away with the presumptions! You can also seek guidance from your seasoned peers like DG Pavement Solutions.

Myth 1: HOA Residents are Grumpy Old People Who are Difficult to Handle

Paving contractors assume that HOAs are chock full of grumpy elderly residents who will make a simple paving repair job into a full-blown complaint. On the contrary, Naples has some wonderful HOAs, and you will find many savvy adults trying to make their driveways & streets look their best. You are only in trouble if you mess up on the job you were hired to do. Otherwise, HOA residents are the sort that takes an interest in the upkeep of their homes and their neighborhood.

Myth 2: HOA Architectural Reviews Hinder Contractors’ Jobs

This one is a kicker. Even people considering moving into an HOA assume they will not be allowed to have any major renovations or changes to their driveways. Any changes that violate the HOA code will hurt both the paving contractor & the resident. This is untrue! Architectural reviews ensure the resident’s redesign does not make the property look ugly.

Myth 3: Stringent Regulations Violate Constitutional Rights

You might think HOA paving contracts are a lost cause because those places have too many rules that might affect your business. Once again, no! Only code violators make a big scene out of everything unsightly they are denied from erecting on their property. Your job is to get yourself & your team cleared through the proper admin channels to go in and conduct your business. Leave the HOA to deal with the residents who cry wolf.

Myth 4: Utilitarian HOA Board Members Make Contracts a Nightmare

If a paving contractor is well experienced and delivers quality paving solutions across a range of materials, then they indeed get hired for repeat contracts. The HOA maintenance board members aren’t there to act as a dictatorship; they work in the best interests of the entire HOA to sustain consistent property prices. If you provide them with an appealing & flawless blacktop, why would they not hire your team again?

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