5 Tips For Restriping Your Parking Lot

5 Tips For Restriping Your Parking Lot

Parking lot striping plays an essential role in preventing accidents, designating proper parking for the disabled, and the pictorial signs display easy instructions for all to follow. Changing weather conditions and daily wear and tear can cause these parking lines to lose their color and visibility, which can often be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. As per the laws in most states, parking lots should be restriped every 12 months or so, depending on the stripes’ condition. 

While you may choose to paint your establishment’s parking lines yourself, it is better to opt for experienced contractors in order to avoid mistakes. DG Pavement Solutions are experts in line striping and have been providing this service in Bonita Springs, FL for many years. Contact us today! 

In today’s blog post, we will discuss some important factors you should consider before striping your parking lot;

1. Determine the Correct Parking Stall Size

Parking lots that are equally spaced out with adequate car space in each stall are easy to navigate for most drivers. Thus, you need to determine the correct requirements for parking stall dimensions and spacing as per your area. Each stall has to be big enough and spacious enough for all drivers to easily access it. 

2. Regular Maintenance

Parking lots face daily wear and tear depending on the vehicles’ types and sizes. Regular maintenance of line striping, debris, and minor damage is essential to keep the parking lot accessible for all. This includes ensuring proper markings are being practiced, traffic markings, and parking lot signs are visible to all. Restriping after every 12 months is necessary to prevent a costly paint job in the future. 

3. The Cost of Parking Lines

Many businesses and parking lot owners refrain from restriping mainly because they don’t see a need. The main reason for restriping is to prevent any accidents from occurring on the parking lot as that can cost you more than restriping itself.

4. Type of Paint to be Used

There are a variety of paints which are used in a parking lot striping. However, the number of people accessing the parking lot daily can also determine the type of paint. If a parking lot is used daily by people, then it is advisable to use reflective paint to guide car drivers back in their lane if they are passing lanes.

5. Consider Hiring Professionals!

There are specific laws and regulations governing parking lot striping in each state which you need to follow in order to avoid legal problems and accidents. In order to get the job right, you may want to consider hiring professional contractors! Such contracting firm have years of experience in the striping of parking lots and could save you a lot of money and legal headaches!  

A freshly striped parking lot is not only conducive to driver safety and ease of use, but can also enhance the beauty of your establishment. DG Pavement Solutions offers restriping services at economical rates in Bonita Springs, FL. Get a free quote now!