Bid Winning Tactics: 5 Steps To Owning The Heart Of An HOA

Bid Winning Tactics: 5 Steps To Owning The Heart Of An HOA

HOAs are typically small, tight-knit communities, with conformity, curb appeal, and reputation being the key priorities of their neighborhood. These principles maintain home prices at a premium while simultaneously providing community facilities and perks for which all HOA members pay a recurring charge.

HOAs are often conservative and may utilize established firms to help them enhance their public image. HOAs, like all things, deteriorate and require care for their turf. When prospective purchasers visit an HOA, the first impression they form is essential; thus, a dependable asphalt care provider is engaged and kept on retainer for the asphalt maintenance.

This begs the multi-digit dollars question: If you’re a contractor trying to gain the favor of an HOA, how should you entice them and secure a contract?

1. Research The Community

You can’t just show up at an HOA in a repair vehicle and attempt cold calling your way into a contract. Scout your local HOA and assess their pavement, then contact the HOA management for approval and request an introduction to the HOA Board. It will make a favorable first impression on your contracting ethics.

2. Size Up Your Portfolio 

Before offering a bid, all contractors should first check their skill levels. If your business lacks insurance, financing, workers’ compensation, proper equipment, or a professional attitude, it will be blacklisted from every HOA in Lehigh Acres, FL. That isn’t all; you’ll also need recommendations and a portfolio of successful accomplishments to win the board over to your bid offerings.

3. Target The Tight HOA: 

Small contractors frequently underestimate their capabilities and underbid a repair job to make a good impression on high-profile HOAs. Always make sure you have the personnel available to do the work and that they are compensated fairly. New asphalt repair firms typically get their start in condominium complexes, where they may learn valuable skills without taking years off your career.

4. Communication Channels Are Key:

When targeting a high-profile HOA to present a bid, contact the Association’s Management. If there is a letter from the management firm on the HOA’s information page, you’ll be able to get contact information from it. If you have exhausted all possible options, you may speak with someone in the neighborhood about your manager contact. Never enter HOA territory without general knowledge of residential standards, or it might appear that you are bluffing.

5. Follow-Up After Every Interaction: 

Whether you won the bid or lost it due to various circumstances, demonstrate your unyielding enthusiasm and eagerness to assist. It is critical that you stay in touch with the community and never give up on any possibilities to propose a project since you might win the bid at some point. This also aids in promoting your business since the HOA manager has access to your details and can send them over to other managers.

At DG Pavement Solutions, when we set out for our projects in newer HOA regions, we follow these steps from the start. Lehigh Acres is recognized for its beautiful HOAs, so if you live in one of these established neighborhoods and your asphalt develops cracks, refer us to the HOA Board members to evaluate our comprehensive paving services. We provide free estimates and excellent service, so don’t miss out!

We follow all necessary precautions and never lose sight of our premium goals!