Developing The Perfect Proposal For An Asphalt Maintenance Project

Developing The Perfect Proposal For An Asphalt Maintenance Project

Regular asphalt maintenance is a great way to keep your parking lot in pristine condition. Regularly inspecting your asphalt surface also helps prevent costly repairs and the need for emergency services. If you’re looking to hire contractors to take care of your commercial property, then an asphalt maintenance proposal is what you need.

An asphalt maintenance proposal defines the scope of work and what you expect from the contractors and potential bidders. Your proposal will ease the bidding process, and companies will submit their requests considering your expectations from the job.

A well-designed proposal makes finding the right contractor considerably easier. At DG Pavement Solutions, we’ve received numerous proposals for commercial property maintenance. Our experts know an excellent proposal when they see one.

Here, in this blog post, we’ve listed some critical points that you must consider before submitting your proposal to potential contractors.

1) Define the Purpose 

Define what you want to achieve from your project and mention it in the proposal so that companies can understand it clearly. This will help them submit their best bids for consideration since they know precisely why you are hiring a contractor for this job.

2) Specify the Requirements

Mention the requirements you need from applying contractors. There are some general requirements that you must ask from contractors, such as proof of insurance, licenses, and bond. If a contractor doesn’t have the required documents, it is better to look for other companies to fulfill your requirements.

Asphalt maintenance service providers should also offer a warranty on their workmanship. This will give you confidence since they know that they’ll incur losses if anything goes wrong with their job or the material used.

Prompt communication between you and the contractor team is crucial, so make sure both parties understand each other well before starting the project delivery process.

3) The Payment Details

Before you agree to the contractor’s bid, make sure you understand all of the charges. Some companies might charge a flat fee for maintenance while others charge by square footage.

Research what the industry norm is and then approach interested candidates. Your proposal should also ask applying contractors to submit their rates after reading through all the requirements. Remember to include detailed requirements and how you expect the contractor to take care of your property.

A proposal makes it easier for both parties to carry out the job by setting clear expectations.

If you don’t have a proposal ready for asphalt maintenance in Fort Myers, you can get a free estimate from DG Pavement Solutions. Our representatives help commercial and residential clients with high quality, long-lasting paving solutions; we can also help you size your pavement’s needs and write a proposal that explains it all.