Expert Advice: 5 Things To Watch Out For Long-Lasting, Worry-Free Asphalt Paving

Expert Advice: 5 Things To Watch Out For Long-Lasting, Worry-Free Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is a flexible pavement that requires a sturdy foundation to support it and ensure its durability. While paving on an improperly prepared foundation may be more economical in the short term, it will lead to premature deterioration and costly repairs in the long run.

Apart from this, constant exposure to sun rays and UV rays hitting the pavement makes the surface weak and unstable. Therefore, considering all these things during the initial stages of pavement installation can help in preserving the longevity and performance of the asphalt.

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In today’s blog, we’ll focus on the top five elements you need to consider during the paving project.

1. Soil Analysis

To offer an adequate solution and a fair estimate of your project’s costs, it is crucial to analyze the site’s foundations beforehand. This analysis will identify potential drainage problems, detect the presence of clay (loam) or contaminating materials such as stumps, branches, demolition materials, or old foundations that have been buried in the past.

When the foundation’s quality is clear and robust, you can begin the paving process without any hassle.

2. Excavation And Backfill

The minimum suggested depth for a quality excavation is 2 to 3 feet. The use of a ditching bucket helps ensure a uniform and smooth excavation, avoiding destabilizing and contaminating the backfill material. The excavation must also be done with an excess width, which will stabilize the structure’s contours and counter the frost’s lateral thrust.

Once the excavation is complete, a uniform backfill over the entire surface will ensure stability, minimizing the risk of cracks and deformation when the pavement is laid.

3. Materials Choice

With asphalt prices rising, it is more crucial than ever to use a method and materials that will provide the most robust foundation. Following are the materials that you can consider.

  • Backfill Materials

The backfill material generally used is an MG112 granular (0mm to 112mm). They are then mixed with crushed stone to ensure rigidity before applying the asphalt layer.

  • Asphalt

Although the finer aggregates in asphalt give a smoother finish, it is less robust when maintaining the structure. However, with effective paving techniques, you can have a smooth finish with maximum project’s durability.

4. Compaction

The quality of the materials is essential, but so is compaction. All materials must be compacted in layers using equipment suitable for your project. This method makes it possible to minimize the empty spaces left in the materials and the coatings while ensuring minimal water infiltration and expansion during periods of freezing and thawing.

5. Expertise

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