How Often Should You Reseal Your Driveway

How Often Should You Reseal Your Driveway

Despite its durability, asphalt needs regular maintenance to retain its aesthetic appearance (black finish), strength, smoothness, and structural integrity. An essential part of preventive maintenance is sealcoating. Sealing protects your asphalt driveway against damage from deicers, salt, moisture, extreme temperatures, UV rays, rain, snowfall, ice, and more.

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First-time pavement owners who don’t know the first thing about caring for their surface are unsure about when and how often to get their blacktop driveway sealed. The first seal coat should be applied after three to six months of paving and no more than a year.

The frequency of resealing over the asphalt’s life cycle depends on several factors, including traffic, wear, and repair. The driveway sealer forms a protective layer over the asphalt to offer protection, so elements wear down the sealant instead of damaging the surface’s top layer. The worse conditions the seal coat endures, the more quickly you will need resealing.

Typically, an asphalt driveway needs to be resealed every three years or so

to provide adequate pavement protection and curb appeal.

Homeowners can estimate when they might have to get resealing done to add it into their annual budget. All they need to consider are three things:

  • Condition of the pavement – If a pavement has sub-base issues or a compromised foundation, or there is extensive damage on the surface that is left unrepaired, then sealing won’t fix the pavement for long. You will have to get your pavement repaired and then resealed. Thus, it is best to first get all repair projects out of the way and then get the driveway seal coated.
  • Last time a seal coat was applied – Knowing when you last got resealing done will help predict when you might need one again.
  • Age of the pavement – Old deteriorating surfaces need frequent repair, so by default, seal coating also needs to be done accordingly.

Keeping all factors in mind, pavement owners can narrow down a time frame when they need to get resealing done. Yet before anything is set in stone, there is one more factor that needs to be taken into account: season.

For the best results, sealing needs to be done in hot and dry conditions because if the ground is frozen, covered by snow, or the temperatures are too low, the sealant will take too long to dry and will not cure properly. Therefore, when planning a sealing project, the weather needs to be taken into account.

Timely sealing and other maintenance and repair procedures can extend the service life of your asphalt pavement, which means you won’t have to invest in resurfacing anytime soon.

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