The 3 Biggest Reasons Why Parking Lots Break Down

The 3 Biggest Reasons Why Parking Lots Break Down

The parking lot is the first thing your clients see when they visit your business. If it’s dirty, run-down, or poorly maintained, then they may not feel like they are getting good value for their money. If you own a parking lot and it breaks down, then what happens? You lose money. That’s why it is essential to take care of your parking lot before anything else. As the owner, you are responsible for keeping the place in good condition so that no accidents or injuries result from the poorly maintained property.

As the premier paving contractor agency in Fort Myers, FL, DG Pavement Solutions has been called on to resolve many parking lot issues. Luckily for you, we have compiled three primary reasons why parking lots break down, which will help you avoid these problems and allow you to take preventive measures to counter them.

1) Heavy Vehicles 

If heavy trucks and large vehicles are a common sight on your parking lot, then it’s time to think about making some changes.

There are many reasons why heavy vehicles can damage your lot, but the main ones are their weight and size and a weak structural base that is not designed to withstand heavy vehicle weight. The result of heavy loads is visible cracks all over the pavement where these vehicles drive through repeatedly. This issue can also occur if you own a business with large delivery trucks dropping off goods every day.

2) Inclement Weather 

Parking lots often face damages due to rain. When it rains, your parking lot can quickly turn into a large pool of water, with cars driving through puddles and standing water all over the place.

When there is too much standing water on pavement or when metal grates become submerged in deep pools of water, they tend to rust from underneath, resulting in cracks appearing all over the surface. To avoid this issue, you should make sure that the drainage system for rainfall-runoff does not get clogged up by dirt and other debris, resulting in the accumulation of excess moisture beneath vehicles parked on your site.

3) Neglect

Parking lots need their fair share of maintenance and attention to stay in good shape like other structural entities. Neglect is one of the main reasons why most parking lots break down. It can be attributed to ignoring small yet critical problems such as potholes, cracks, and depressions on your pavement, which lead to more severe damage over time. Scheduling regular maintenance is a great way to ensure your parking lot looks the part throughout the year.

DG Pavement Solutions can take care of your parking lot needs in Fort Myers, FL, taking over the maintenance and repair tasks and helping you focus on the important stuff, i.e., your business! Our experienced pavement repair staff uses the latest machinery and paving techniques to ensure your parking lot is a treat for sore eyes and builds brand value for your business. Get an estimate now and sign up for a parking lot your business truly deserves!