What Type Of Equipment Is used In Asphalt Paving & Milling?

What Type Of Equipment Is used In Asphalt Paving & Milling?

The most asphalt paving businesses ever talk about is identifying asphalt issues or the ideal times to budget for your next paving maintenance run. That can take out the fascination in how the actual paving occurs. No one talks about the asphalt paving equipment because, of course, the client is concerned with that pristine blacktop.

DG Pavement Solutions will take you behind the curtain and show you the types of heavy machinery they use for their projects in Bonita Springs, FL.

Dump Trucks

No paving business is complete without a dump truck service. Whether self-owned or outsourced, dump trucks are essential to getting the hot asphalt to the paving site. There are varieties in dump trucks: the bottom belly that unloads via gates on its underside, the end dump truck that uses hydraulics to unload the asphalt down their tailgate, and the Flo-Boy dump truck with a conveyor for a truck bed to move the hot asphalt out.

Material Transfer Vehicle

An MTV is a piece of equipment designed to help feed the hot asphalt into the asphalt paver’s hopper from the dump truck payload leading the front. The windrow elevator and the shuttle buggy are two such examples. They are also designed with augers to remix the asphalt as it is being fed to the paver.

Milling Machines

These vehicles are fitted with a rotating drum facing the pavement. The drum is studded with carbide cutting blades that mill the top layers of old or damaged asphalt pavement to level & texturize it for paving new asphalt. The milled asphalt is collected simultaneously and conveyed off to a dump truck.

Street Sweepers

These vehicles are fitted with rotating brushes to clean off any excess milled asphalt from the pavement. This helps create a clean textured surface to apply the tack coats for new asphalt paving.

Asphalt Pavers

These are complex vehicles/equipment that can either be retrofitted tractors or a dedicated asphalt paver. Whatever the case, there is always a screed and augers involved to level & distribute the hot mix asphalt. The equipment is maintenance intensive and central to the paving business.

Asphalt Compactor

A compactor’s primary purpose is to get all the asphalt and sub-grade layers to stick together and remain uniform as part of the pavement’s finish. Compactors can be weight plates, heated drum rollers, and even vibrating plates.

Asphalt Emulsions Sprayer

Depending on the scale of the paving project, asphalt emulsions can be sprayed using a handheld sprayer or an industrial distributor. An emulsion sprayer keeps the mixture heated and induces a dominant electrical charge on the emulsion via the spray nozzle at dispersal. That helps the emulsion spread over the pavement in a uniform layer.

DG Pavement Solutions are experientially familiar with all the asphalt paving equipment mentioned above. Seeing as we deliver quality, versatility, & variety in our services in Bonita Springs, FL, we are bound to know our equipment by heart.

Please check in with us to fix your pavement or install a new one. We offer free quotations, so you can’t miss this opportunity to see these fantastic machines in action!