Why You Should Consider Stamped Asphalt For Your Parking Lot

Why You Should Consider Stamped Asphalt For Your Parking Lot

Parking lots are a common feature accompanying commercial structures as they offer greater convenience to customers, which can benefit a business. Parking lots can also do wonders for the property’s curb appeal and property value. However, property owners and managers do not put enough emphasis on its aesthetics.

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When it comes to parking lot paving, property owners and managers mostly focus on functionality, which is why they either opt for poured concrete or asphalt paving. However, there is an uncommon option that you can consider for your parking lot, which will set you apart from other commercial facilities – stamped asphalt.

Below are some reasons why you should consider stamped asphalt for your parking lot.


Stamped asphalt is durable. It is especially perfect for outdoor/open parking lots located in an area that receives heavy rainfall and snowfall. One reason behind the durability of stamped asphalt is that it can undergo invasive weed growth and prevent distresses from forming within the surface.


Stamped asphalt is not a material that will break the bank like natural stones or some other unique and fancy material.

Quick and Easy To Install

Unlike the lengthy paving process of a traditional asphalt pavement that consists of multiple steps that make it time-consuming. Also, stamped asphalt is much easier and quicker to install than concrete, which is a common paving material used for parking lots. Stamped asphalt can be installed and dried very quickly. You just need to select the desired design, lay the template on the hot asphalt, and see as the imprint instantly forms on the surface. This means your business will have to suffer very little downtime as the lot will be open for vehicle use soon.

Low Maintenance

Stamped asphalt maintenance is relatively easy. You will have to get asphalt sealing done in your parking lot to protect it against damage once every couple of years and carry out occasional repairs. The only thing you will have to do regularly is cleaning. Frequent cleaning of a commercial pavement is necessary to prevent surface deterioration, so your pavement’s service life isn’t cut short.

Aesthetically Appealing

There are many different colors and designs available for stamped asphalt that you can choose from, and you can include border effects to further enhance your parking lot’s look. Unlike poured concrete and traditional asphalt surfaces, stamped asphalt leaves a lot of room for creative expression, which boosts curb appeal and property value.

Consult with an expert and reliable paving firm to find out if stamped asphalt is a wise choice for your commercial parking lot, taking into account the traffic your pavement will receive and the local weather. If not, you always have more traditional options to fall back on.

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