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    D&G Sealcoat & Striping: "Quality Work Done to Perfection"

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    Since 2001 D&G has been Southwest Florida's Premium Asphalt Contractor and has continued to serve many happy customers in the Southwest Florida region for over a decade now! At D&G Sealcoat & Striping we believe that the educated customer is the smartest customer which is why we have created a website to inform you about how D&G Sealcoating & Striping can save you time and money on your next job!

Our History

D&G Sealcoating & Striping started its operations in November 2001 and became incorporated in January 2005. We knew that we would need the proper equipment to obtain larger contracts so we invested in a 700-gallon sealcoating tank. We joined network organizations, sent mailers out to prospective customers and advertised in the yellow pages.

As we grew, we wanted to offer our customers a sealer that was Environmentally Friendly with good availability. We finally went with Neyra Industries’ Paveshield – an asphalt emulsion sealer. We learned that this product did not burn the skin and did not track after being applied. Once we started using this product, we also found that it withstood heavy traffic – when applied properly – for a much longer period of time than the coal-tar sealant. In 2008, we obtained a contract for sealcoating and striping 12 miles of roads in a Bonita Springs golf course community. Once completed, our recognition in the asphalt community really soared and other contractors knew that we were someone to reckon with. Many High-End Golf Course Communities hired us for their pavement maintenance needs and led D&G to continual growth during the bad economy.

Our attendance at the National Paving shows also allows us to learn about new innovations that we can offer to our customers. We feel that an educated customer is a better one, and we work with our customers in scheduling the job taking their concerns into consideration. We also make them aware of the type of product we are using and why it is more beneficial. We always treat our customers with the utmost respect and address any concerns they may have while a job is going on and after it is complete.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or you have a job that could use D&G’s committed team. 
We are Absolutely Devoted to getting the job done to Your Standards and that is something We Guarantee!

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